"That was Bad Ass!"

We hear it virtually every time someone shoots a Bond Arms handgun for the first time. Why? Because we make the smallest, most powerful personal protection handgun you can carry.

Every Bond Arms handgun supports over 35 different interchangeable barrels. Just six turns with a 1/8th Allen wrench and you can switch from a .22 long rifle barrel, to a .45 ACP barrel, all the way up to a .410 shotgun barrel—all with the same gun!

Bond Arms and safety
go hand in hand.

And because Bond Arms and safety go hand in hand, our handguns only fire when you cock the hammer and then pull the trigger. Each gun features a patented rebounding and locking hammer that keeps the hammer off the firing pins and prevents accidental discharge. Plus, it has a cross-bolt safety to prevent accidental discharge, even when dropped.

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Bond Arms Firearms are not available in CA, MA, Chicago, Detroit, New York City or Washington D.C. Must order through your local dealer if you live in CO, CT, LA, MD, NY, NJ, OK, VT or WA. Firearm availability subject to change based on state/municipality regulations.